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Winter Storage

Store your car, boat, camper, or motorcycle

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The Grand Forks Fairgrounds has 3 large buildings that we use to store a variety of vehicles and toys during the winter months. All 3 buildings have hard surfaced floors, and the grounds are gated to help protect your vehicles. Our staff checks the grounds on a regular basis throughout the winter to make sure that everything is safe and where it is supposed to be.

Our smallest building has a concrete floor. It is used to store sports cars and other smaller vehicles. We charge $150 per vehicle to store the vehicles from October until Spring. Our east building has an asphalt floor. It is used mainly for campers and pontoons, then is filled with overflow boats and other vehicles. Our west building holds a mix of campers, boats, and assorted other vehicles. It has a concrete floor. We charge $10 per lineal foot for both of these buildings. Most of our customers return on a regular basis, so we do not advertise open space. Returning customers are given first opportunity to store their vehicles. The remainder of the space is filled on a first come basis. If you are looking for storage space it is best to call us as soon as possible to be put on the list.
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