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Board of Directors

Connie Klava-Finnie - President

Connie joined the board several years ago after volunteering for many years. Connie took over her family farm from her father. Her brother Marty farms with her, and also helps at the Fair and Speedway. Connie has been very active in helping with projects on the grounds. Her experience running equipment comes in handy on these projects and getting things done during the Fair. She has also been part of the Social Media team leading up to and during the Fair.

Bill Kvasager - Vice President

Bill has been a member of the board for approximately 15 years. He came to the board because of his experience with the Red River Valley Horse Show Association and as a parent of a 4-Her. Bill took over as Vice President from his uncle, Arvin Kvasager, a long time member of the board. Arvin retired from the board approximately 8 years ago. Bill is also a former sprint car race driver at the River Cities Speedway.

Trisha Stromsodt - Treasurer

Trisha serves as the Treasurer of the organization and as a director. She has served in this since her father was elected President. Trisha is a local CPA and has her own CPA firm in the Grand Forks area. Her firm has handled the accounting for the Greater Grand Forks Fair for several years, so it is a natural fit to have her serve as Treasurer for the organization.

Mark Landa - Secretary

Mark has served on the board for the Fair for 17 years, and has served as Secretary for that entire time. He came to the Fair because of his long time involvement with the 4-H program, and still works with the program on a wide range of programs. He handles much of the paperwork for the organization, helps book most of the entertainment, and helps with things like security and parking for the Fair. In addition to his duties with the Fair, he manages the ATM located at the Speedway for the Fair. He has served on the board for the North Dakota Association of Fairs, and continues to serve on the Showcase Committee for the Dakota Fairs Convention.

Dennis Pazderic

Dennis has been a long time member of the board for the Fair. For many of those years he served as the Grounds Manager. He still helps with the grounds, but stepped back from that position a couple of years ago to spend more time with his wife and his other projects after retiring from the EERC at the University of North Dakota.

Dennis was selected Fair Person of the Year in North Dakota in 2008.

Pam Marback

Pam has served on the board for more than a decade. She is very involved with horse activities. She has operated the Greater Grand Forks Fair Barrel Run Series since it started along with fellow board member Keith Eggl. The proceeds from this series are returned to the Fair to help make improvements to the horse arena facility. She has also supervised food and commercial vendors at the Fair for the past few years.

Keith Eggl

Keith is another board member that has served for at least a decade. He got started with the board because of his long time involvement with the Red River Valley Horse Show Association and his daughter's involvement with 4-H. He currently serves as the Grounds Manager for the organization. He was instrumental in building a new horse arena and all of the other improvements with that facility during the past several years. He works with Pam on the Barrel Run Series and with the Horse Show Association on their events. He also works with 4-H on their horse events, and helps the racetrack with School Bus Races and other events. Keith is now the person in charge of Winter Storage Rentals.

Keith was chosen Fair Person of the Year in North Dakota for 2013.

Derek Earl

Derek has been a member of the board for more than 5 years. He and his father farm and raise buffalo in rural Grand Forks County. Derek helps with a variety of grounds duties throughout the year as well as participating in planning for the annual Fair.

Terry Stromsodt

Terry has served on the Greater Grand Forks Fair board of directors for many years, including the years that the Fair ran the racetrack before 1999. For much of that time he served as the Treasurer for the organization. He moved into the President role when the previous President retired from the board. Terry is a retired farmer in the Grand Forks area, and also worked as a bookkeeper in Grand Forks.

Darren Evavold

Darren is a partner in River Cities Speedway. He joined the board approximately 6 years ago. He filled an opening created by the death of his partner at the racetrack, Wayne Anderson. Darren is responsible for the races held during the Fair, and also for concessions in the grandstands and the beer garden. He has been learning about many other parts of the Fair since he joined the board.
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