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The Kids Zone is a relatively new feature at the Greater Grand Forks Fair. It was added to feature some of the fun and activities available for our younger guests, and put many of them in one place so parents can get a chance to stay put for a little while. All of these features are included in our regular Gate Fee, which is $7 for ages 14 and above, $5 for 6-13 years of age or free for ages 5 and under. We call it our Kids Zone, but it is more of a place for the entire family to enjoy some time at the Fair.
The Kids Zone is located in the large metal building beside the East gate to the Fair. The building opens when the Fair opens and closes at approximately 9 pm Wednesday and Thursday, 10 on Friday and Saturday, and 7 pm on Sunday. An ATM is located just inside the door in the Kids Zone in case you need some cash for the Gate Fee or some of our great Fair Food located nearby.

Kids Zone

Rock and Rest Tent

The Rock and Rest tent is located just on the west side of the Kids Zone building. It is a tent set up for mothers with babies or young children to escape the crowds for a few minutes. There is a section set aside for changing babies. There is also a section set up just to relax for a few minutes if your child needs to catch their breath. The Fair office and our EMTs are nearby if anything more is needed. Please enjoy the Fair, but feel free to take a break from the excitement if you need to.

Piles of Smiles Face Painting

Miranda from Piles of Smiles will be back again to paint faces of young Fair goers. Piles of Smiles have been providing face painting for our Fair goers for many years. Miranda does a great job of painting unique designs, and is wonderful with the children. The face painting hours are included on the daily schedule pages for each day. There are often long lines for the face painting, so they do sometimes need to limit the line toward the end of the day so that Miranda can finish at the proper time.


Miss Bows Messy Mania

Holly Kennedy from Miss Bows Messy Mania has been providing activities for some of our youngest guests for several years. Many of these activities are similar to the activities in the Kidz Science Safari, but are set up for the younger ages. They teach youth a little bit about how science works while being fun for the kids. The Messy Mania will be open during the normal hours of the Kids Zone.

Coloring Wall

The coloring wall returns for a 2nd year at the Greater Grand Forks Fair. The mural is provided by the University of North Dakota ? Program and staffed with students from the program. The mural provides younger guests a chance to work on a group project and have some fun while parents get a little chance to catch their breath. The wall is available during hours the building is open. Stop by and let your kids add their art abilities to the Coloring Wall.
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